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Name: Krissy Adanti-Pedersen

Profession: Special education teacher/fitness trainer

Favorite destination: Cabo Mexico

Ideal way to travel: First class because once you've experienced it you'll never go back to Coach. The peace and relaxation takes all the stress of travel away.

Biggest dream: My biggest dream is be able to put together a carryover program for my students (life skills) that can follow them through high school.

If JLEW named a bag after you what would it be called? Purplepalooza because everything is better in purple. The color of happiness and love, it's regal and eye catching. Purple power, enough said.

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High Risk Connectivity

Name: Heather Vaughan

Profession: Special Event Sales Director - AEG Live | PlayStation Theater NYC

Favorite destination(s): Australia & Mexico

Ideal way to travel: All I need is the sun and a nice beach :)

Biggest dream: Both for work and fun, I hope to travel more internationally. But my biggest dream/goal is to be a mentor and hopefully leave a good impression. Whether people remember me or not, I hope to do something that challenges the way people think, that challenges the way people interact, in a positive manner.

If JLEW named a bag after you what would it be called? High Risk Connectivity

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Name: Sarra Morton

Profession: Yoga Teacher/Yoga Coordinator/Group Fitness Manager for Equinox NYC

Favorite destination: Aix-en-Provence, France

Ideal way to travel: Bicycle

Biggest dream: A teaching tour through Africa

If JLEW named a bag after you what would it be called: the "Shakti" Bag

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  • Jamie Lewis


Name: Casey Kathryn Wagner

Profession: Director of Sales for Beauty and Fashion at Stylus

Favorite destination: Anywhere with my family

Ideal way to travel: To have an open mind of the city, place or destination you are going to. I like to have a  rough plan when I travel but I am always open to trying new things or going off the set itinerary to just explore. Sometimes you find the greatest hidden gems when you aren't looking for them.

Biggest dream: To have my own neighborhood bakery one day and to make my parents proud.

If JLEW named a bag after you what would it be called? CWAGS or FIT N' FIERCE

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  • Forza
  • Jamie Lewis


Name: Maria

Profession: Tax Partner

Favorite destination: Italy

Ideal way to travel: First-class

Biggest dream: Travel around the world.

If JLEW named a bag after you what would it be called? Forza


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  • E
  • Jamie Lewis


Name: Erica Danz

Profession: Sustainable fashion designer/fitness extraordinaire

Favorite destination(s): Montreal & Mexico City

Ideal way to travel: Like a local. Not really into doing touristy things, but I just want to have a day in the life of the people that live there & see beautiful imagery.  I enjoy finding common humanity with people all over the world and connecting with people that live in different places but have the same interests as me.

Biggest dream: As cheesy as it sounds, leave the world a better place. Whether that be environmentally, promoting human connection and positivity or making young girls feel like they can follow their dreams and be entrepreneurs.

If JLEW named a bag after you what would it be called? E. this is my mom's nickname for me and it stands for all my fav things - easy, effortless, environmental, etc.

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Name: Steph Kent

Profession: Co-founder and Curator of Call Me Ishmael 

Favorite destination: Capitola, California

Ideal way to travel: By train

Biggest dream: To make my passion my job

If JLEW named a bag after you what would it be called? Southpaw

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The Black Sheep

Name: Julie Lamb

Profession: Jewelry Designer

Favorite destination: Italy. Anywhere in Italy.

Ideal way to travel: Business class. I heard first was nice but I haven't gotten there yet. I don't really drive so 'road trip' wasn't going to work here. If someone else is driving I'm good to go!

Biggest dream: Working for myself everyday, supporting myself comfortably from my original design work. Building my fine jewelry line into a lifestyle brand and being able to donate to causes that mean something to me in an impactful way. While flying international business class : )
And I am magically fluent in Italian.

If JLEW named a bag after you what would it be called?
JLAMB, LamBag, fleece lined Lambskin clutch, The Black Sheep, Be Ewe Bag, The Stand Out Satchel, the New Yorker . . . I like doing this, I could go on.
Not for me but The Freelancer would be a great name for one of the big bags. Lots of pockets to sort different projects/folders, don't know what my day will bring bag.

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Name: Alex Di Trolio

Profession: Radio Producer/Actress

Favorite destination(s): Italy & NOLA

Ideal way to travel: I don't really have a preference - depends on how far away I'm going. But the type of travel I like to do is laid back with a little sightseeing. I hate having a jam packed schedule of things to do. I like picking one or two things a day that I feel like I need to do and just spend the rest of the day exploring.

Biggest dream: to affect some sort of change & positivity in this world, no matter how small. I want to leave this life feeling like I at least tried to make it better in some way - that I affected people in a good way, no matter how tiny that might be. Even if it was making them smile and feel better for an hour.

If JLEW named a bag after you what would it be called? SassyCat

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